The Story behind MBBGamePlan

About me

I landed multiple job offers at top Consulting firms (MBB) and Investment Banks and Private Equity firms. I have a Masters from a leading European business school and have worked at MBB Consulting firms and leading Investment Banks in London and other European countries for more than 5 years.

Why this site?

More and more people started to ask how I actually managed to break into a top tier MBB on the first try without ever having done a single interview with a consulting firm. As the number of people contacting me increased in frequency I decided to start this site allowing more people to have a shot at landing their dream job at a MBB/top tier consulting firm.

Preparing under severe time constraints

The first thing I did when I was invited to my ‘superday’ was to check how many cases people practiced before going for the ‘real thing’. I remember coming across a number in the vicinity of 100 cases. This number caught me completely off guard since I was working 60-70hrs per week in a full time job at the time and had about 1 month to prepare on the side. This meant that if I still wanted to sleep and eat I would NOT be able to practice 25 cases per week on top of the preparation required for the personal behavioural/interviews. Thus I knew had to come up with a ‘Game Pan’…

Getting an 'edge'

On this site I want to share the materials I and other successful applicants used to receive offers from MBB as well as strategies that will allow you to be hyper-efficient in your preparation.